Where can I find free online dance lessons for social dance?

bosstone75 asked:

Hello all!

I’m getting married soon and we’re having a band play at our reception. We want to offer our guests free instruction in social dancing (specifically East Coast Swing and the Hustle). Any ideas? I’ve found a few but need more. Thanks.

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Swing Dancing. a few questions?

maca.doodle asked:

Well, I’m watching a movie in history and there is alot of swing dancing in it. Now, I’ve always wondered if when people do it on a day to day thing, is it made up as they go or is it usually a routine? Obviously in a movie it’s a made up routine……

How do people learn? It looks awesome… I mean, is it like, “Oh hey, I want to learn to Swing, let’s go to the local dance studio and get lessons!” X3 or something you pick up on your own usually?

Lame questions, but they’re coming from a lame person.
Wow… amazing responses. Thank you guys! Unforunately, dance classes appear to be far out of my range from where I live. Everything is on the beach… in my state anyways. We’re watching Swing Kids… I’m enjoying it.
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Is it wrong that I want to learn how to swing dance?

stimbo m asked:

I few months ago I had to kill a man to stop him from trying to kill his girlfriend in the parking lot of a local retail store. Although I had no problem killing him. I just see red when I see a man hit a woman. My mom dated a man that used to beat her. From time to time I see the guy I killed’s face on people that might pass by or on a waiter at a restaurant. It’s just a bit of a mind game at time. To get my mind off of that incident I like to do things that are as far from violent as I can get. I’d like to learn how to swing dance but all my friends make fun of me. I saw this ad in our local paper for lessons so I asked this girl I’ve known now for a little over 5 years if she’d go with me to learn how to swing dance and she just laughs at me. I think it’d be a great physical hobby. Get me out of the house. I guess the question is, do you think I’m weird for wanting to learn how to swing dance?
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should i go swing dancing this weekend?

mia asked:

my friend, my sister, and her boy friend were thinking about going swing dancing at this small dance studio where they have some lessons and free dancing on friday nights. should i go or do you think it would be awkward?

would there be any creepy old men there lol? i’m a little apprehensive due to that (mainly because i’ve never been to a swing dancing club, but i know how to swing dance fairly well ’cause my older sisters taught me.)

p.s. thank you! and any advice? :]
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Are you taking dance lessons for your reception?

Platinum Bride asked:

We just began dance lessons last night for our wedding reception. We have 3 songs that fade into one another that we are going to dance to as our first dance. After meeting with our private dance instructor last night, we found that we will have to learn Rumba, East Coast Swing, and West Coast Swing dances. I am nervous about it, because our wedding is in January. It’s also making me think about getting a dress made to wear while doing our first dance, because my wedding gown I think would be just too large to dance comfortably in. Has anyone else on YA taken dance lessons for their wedding, and if so, how did it go for you? What songs did you do? We are doing “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel, “Two Tickets to Paradise” by Eddie Money, and “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe” by Barry White. We think it will be a fun surprise to our guests to see us dance to these songs, and they tell a story of our relationship. Tell me about your experience.

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Questions about Swing Dancing?

skaterfan93 asked:

I am a 15 year old with no dance experience. I want to start taking swing lessonsbut am a little wary. What form of swing do you suggest taking (East Coast, West Coast, Lindy Hop, etc…)? Does anyone know of a good place in the San Fernando Valley (CA) for lessons? Keep in mind They cannot be too expensive. Thanks.

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Swing lessons near Erie, PA?

whoiswho asked:

Hi, I want to learn how to swing dance but I don’t know where to look or how to know if the place I’m going to is worth it… I live near Erie, PA and it would be great if someone around here know of anywhere… also anywhere to dance too. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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Do you want to Dance?

knittinmama asked:

Now that the 2nd season of So You Think You Can Dance has finished, how many of you want to take dance lessons?

I took ballet when I was a kid and just started taking Swing lessons (I’m 51 and it’s never too late!)

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Is there a good place to country dance in Seattle, WA?

holshy asked:

I’m looking for a bar/dance hall where they do a lot of two step, double two step, cowboy cha-cha, and maybe some east coast swing, west coast swing, and/or hustle. I’d expect that a place like this would do a lot of line dancing also. Places with lessons would be awesome.

Basically, a country bar with a medium to large dance floor.

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How do I say that I want to be more than just friends?

Huzzah for Israel! asked:

OK. This is actually two Questions.

1. I have a date planned, and I want to know if it is creative enough. It is Swing Dancing Lessons.

2. See the main question. I know for a fact that she does have some feelings for me, but I just can’t tell what they are.
Just so you know, I have already gone on multiple dates with her, and we are quite comfortable together, and she had said a while back that she would like to learn swing dancing.

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Dance Lessons around the Buckeye/Phoenix area? ?

louisiana_state asked:

I really really want to learn how to swing dance…jazz…..maybe some salsa. what is the best way to go about doing this? I just want to learn it enough so that like when I am on a cruise I can dance to these certain events (I have been on many and never can dance). I want to quickly learn within a period of time and then stop when i am pretty decent and know a couple of cool moves. i am already seriously envolved with Soccer, so it is not like I can do this every single day.

Know of any dancing academys?
teachers that teach privately in their own home?
I am seriously motivated to learn.
i have always wanted to, just never had the time.

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15 and just has my first independant-salsa dance lesson?

Mrs. Synyster Gates asked:

since im a beginer im with a bunch of 13 year olds.
Also, im not that great of a dancer.im not the WORST dancer, but my instructor stresses to me that when i move my torso not to move my hips. i try, but i always forget this when starting over. also im not sure how to move my hands when my torso is swinging side to side.

is it too late for me, and should i continue the classes? it wasnt that great as i thought it might be.

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